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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Things To Do On A Winter Night

Bonjour all you lovely humans that read this blog.

Assuming that you are all [relatively] productive and contribute to society, sometimes, we just need a break... Or hiatus from the living. Whichever works for you. It's certainly cooled substantially which, in my books, calls for a bit of a settle down. These are just a few of the things you may find me doing on a winter night.


If I am home, on a cold night, not writing, chances are very likely that I am reading. I don't know why, but I accomplish most of my reading goals during the cooler parts of the year. Reading gives me a reason to curl up on the sofa or my bed, under a blanket and become un-productive for the time being. Disappear for a few hours with a cup of your favourite beverage. For quick, and light reading, I recommend Clarity by Loretta Lost. The first book is free of charge on Kindle and you can find it here.


This one may seem a bit odd to you, especially if you are not into writing, but I assure you, it is a great way to pass a lovely evening. When I say write, I do not mean a story or anything, but document any little thing that comes to you. A feeling, event or thought will suffice. If you keep a journal, write in this. If you do not keep one, simply write on a piece of paper and tuck it somewhere safe. I recommend writing on a piece of paper instead of using a computer or similar device; I find it easier to stay focused on the task at hand. You may be surprised, and might even possibly discover a new hobbie! 

Learn Something New

Try something you've never done before! Whether it be a new recipe, knitting, a hobby of someone else's, it doesn't matter. Step out of your comfort zone and try somthing you wouldn't do on a normal day. If it backfires, well, at least you will have the memory and will know for sure it is not your forte! Grab somebody and spend some valuable time with them.


This, by far, is one of my  favourite things to do when passing the night on a chilly night. Look up patterns and pictures and get to it! If you are not too confident in your drawing skills, pick up an adult colouring book and become immersed in the intricate designs!
 Fun Challenge: Don't erase any mistake. Instead, work it into your masterpiece somehow.

Catch Up On An Old TV Show

Throw on those flannel pajamas and hop in bed! Catching up on an old TV show is one of the most nostalgic activities for me. When it comes to old TV shows that I have on my list to re-watch, Avatar:The Last Airbender, Blue Water High, and Kim Possible are at the top. To make it even better, grab an old friend that you used to watch it with! If you can, watch the whole season! My favourite websites to watch TV shows on are Solarmovie and ProjectFreeTV.

Look At Old Photos

Take some time to look through your old photos. It's amazing how high your spirits can be lifted while looking through photos of good time is even better people. If your feeling it, make a few scrapbooks! Be sure to leave those few black-mail worthy photos out. They may come in handy sooner than you know :-)


Thank you so much for reading! I will talk to you lovelies later!
Xx Love Always xX

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