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Friday, 11 March 2016

Liebster Award l CandidlyLiz

Hey there lovely readers of my blog! I am back! After my little break from blogging, I am back and ready to role!
It has come to my attention that I have been nominated by the amazing, aussi blogger, Molly K, for the Liebster Award. So, I decided it would be a great a way to kick of my new start! I hadn't a clue what the Liebster Award actually was, so I went online to find quite a few variations. The gist that each website told me, however, is to answer the questions, tell 11 facts about myself, nominate other bloggers, and give them 11 questions. Pretty simple. So let's get started, shall we?

Why did you start blogging?
I began blogging to document my recipes after stumbling across the prospect of owning a blog. It was not until later on that I changed my blog from an all-things-food, to a lifestyle and writing blog.
Who is your idol?
Tyra Banks. I wouldn't say she is my idol, but I would say she has influenced me so much and I look up to her. She is the definition of a strong and successful woman that fought her way to the top on her own. I admire that in a person.

What is your biggest achievement?
I always feel particularly proud of myself when I accomplish something on my own with little to no help. In my younger years, I was not very independent and sought to do whatever anyone else was doing. So, I would say my biggest acheivement is coming into my own and learning to think and act for myself.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
Hopefully wearing a lab coat and using science to heal! I also want to be finished my novel and possibly have it published?? That would be grand. A dog or three would be nice, too. :-)

What is your favourite song?
Do I have to pick just one?? I listen to so much music and call just about every song that plays on my ipod my favourite. I guess I will pick my song of the month Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars. Such a tune!

 What is your favourite animal?
Definitely a rabbit or dog.

Where is you ideal holiday destination?
Honestly, I am not too picky. It just needs to have good photography potential and great shopping!

Who is your celebrity crush?
As of now, my celebrity crushes are Theo James and Patrick Stump. They are just the cutest!

What are your favourite brands?
I wouldn't say favourite brands, moreso favourite stores. The only brand I can think of, that I use constantly, would be anything by the SheaMoisture natural hair line.

What is your favourite breakfast?
Hmm. I don't typically eat breakfast, but when I do, I do quite enjoy a breakfast sandwich, bagel, or burrito with a fruit juice on the side (not orange though, orange juice is kinda icky).

My Eleven Facts Are:

I usually go by my middle name instead of my first.

I prefer to be alone more often than not.

I have an incredibly pink bedroom which I wish to remodel.

My favourite type of music is alternative.

I do not like ketchup with my fries.

I have an absolute obsession with anime. My most recent being Shingeki no Kyojin otherwise known as Attack On Titan.

I have tried over six sports.

Though I love the early mornings, I hate getting up.

I take my pizza very seriously.

I have changed my blog name 5 times.

I may or may not have the slightest fancy for a fictional book character named Alex Rider.

My nominees for the Liebster Award are:
My Questions Are:
What inspired you to begin blogging?

What blogger do you look up to the most?

What is your favourite childhood television series?

What you say was the proudest moment in your life?

What did you want to be when you were a child?

What about now? What do you aspire to be?

Outdoors or Indoors?

What is your most embarrassing memory?

What is the reason behind your blog name?

Do you have any seemingly irrational fears?

If you could live inside any fictional world, book or TV show, which would it be?


Thanks so much for reading! Please be sure to check out Molly's amazing blog and tell her I sent you!

Have a wonderful, safe, and cheerful week!

Talk to you later,
Xx Liz xX

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