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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Back To School

School is nearly here. Unfortunately. Textbooks. Teachers. Homework. Odd Classmates. Eventually Exams. Oh, the terror! These are a few things to get you through this semester. I hope you find them helpful! 


~ Advice ~

Start your day in a positive mind. Do what makes you happy before your day truly begins. Go for a jog, stretch, listen to some music, have a cup of tea or coffee. Do what makes you happiest.

Remember to breath. If you get stuck on something, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and start over. If you still have problems close the book and open another.

Although grades are important, do not completely give the rest of your life up. Spend time doing recreational activities or hobbies. The break will do you a world of good.

Be sure to get enough nutrients. As the train of schoolwork picks up it can prove difficult to remember to eat and drink water. It is especially important to stay hydrated.

End your day well. Unless absolutely needed, try to be asleep as a new day shines forth. All nighters should be done sparingly. Sleep and take care of yourself.

~ Backpack Essentials ~

Scented Hand Lotion
Extra Pencils
Rub-On Perfume
Maybeline BabyLips
Quaker Chewy Granola Bar
Hair Claw/Clips

~ Outfits ~

When going to my classes, I always keep it very simple. A typical outfit would be a T- shirt and skinny jeans with sneakers or flats. If it is a rainy and windy day, I will place a light cardigan or flannel on top with sleeves rolled.

~Music Playlist~

Riptide// Vance Joy

Host Of Angels// Taylor Henderson
Iris// Goo Goo Dolls
The Scientist// Coldplay
Autumn Leaves// Ed Sheeran
Man That Can't Be Moved// The Script


~ Useful Hacks ~

Drink a cup or two immediately after taking a nap. It will eliminate the drowsiness and leave you more energetic.

Chewing the same flavor of gum while taking a test as you did while studying will improve memory.

Place dry teabags in smelly/musty shoes and bags. It will eliminate the odors.

Use the website to stay from distractions of the Internet. The site will block sites for periods at a time and allow you to do your work in peace!

Having a cup of tea before bed is a key to a goodnight's sleep.


For many of you, you are already off of summer holiday. I go back to the world of learning in three weeks. Although it may seem like a terrible thing, learn to look forward to it. Schooling is a large part of our lives and we shouldn't spend it wishing it away. Who knows? Maybe this year will be a breeze for you. Try to learn from all of the terrible parts of school and use them later in your life. Life moves on and one day you will be done with school doing whatever it is you want to do. Promise.

Q: Have you began school? What are you most looking forward too?

Xx Love Always xX


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