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Friday, 14 August 2015

Who Am I?

We are all brave until we realize the cockroach flies...

Who Am I???

This is a question I and many other fellow teenagers have such a hard time with. What defines me? Sure, I know my name, my parents, my religion, address, schooling, hobbies etc. But does that make me? Do those simple (more or less) everyday parts of me make the person I am and becoming? What about the other part of me that sometimes shows even though I really really don't want it to show? Despite my exterior, I am not actually thick-skinned. I am hurt very easily by words and actions. I am not very courageous. I do not trust many and, as a result, I do not have many friends that I can actually call mine. I am afraid of being afraid. Am I actually as kind as everyone says I am? And what about secret talents and hobbies that I hide from the world? Would those also be included in my answer?

I had a bit of a difficult time writing my About Me page. More times than I can remember, I asked myself " Is that really true""Does that matter?" Although everything that I wrote on the page is true, I really don't know if that is really a summary of me. However, I suspect that is why it is called an About Me and gives a few details about yourself instead of asking 'who are yo?' and leaving an essay.

Before I started my blog last year, I had even more trouble answering that question than I do now. Who Am I? I wish I could give you a cohesive, comprehensive, answer, but at this very moment, I just cannot.

I hope in there near future I can make a part two and give you an appropriate answer. Until then, I hope all stays well.

This post was made on impulse I really hope it is understandable and not just my questionable mind blabbering.

Q: Do you know who you are?

Xx Love always xX

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  1. Oh wow. I feel as if you wrote this after you read my mind. This is the EXACT same thing I am feeling write now.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! It is really lovely to be able to relate and understand what someone is going through.

  2. Here's an authenticated test comment. See:

  3. I can so relate to this! It's so hard to find who we are. And sometimes, when we feel like we've finally found who we are, we feel lost once again! It's a life process I think <3

    1. Lauren, I completely agree with what you said about finding one's self and then feeling lost once again. Because that is the way life works, we just have to have faith that we will, one day, be able to understand who we are.