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Friday, 28 August 2015

Stay Positive

Hey loves! Before school starts completely, I wanted to get one more entry as a "part 2.0" to my Back To School post. I know as a teenager, I really dislike a ton of my classes. Therefore, when the day arrives, Monday, for example, I am not very happy or excited for the day ahead. It really amusing to reflect on this as I am getting ready for my day. There are loads by loads of other teenagers and even young adults that struggle with this exact lack of positivity. You can see it as you scroll through Twitter and Instagram, and browse over Youtube and bloggers. The negative energy just flows through us and out our mouths and fingertips. Keep in mind, I am in no way an expert with the whole positive act. However, I am really trying to be more cheerful. Oftentimes, I find myself wishing I didn't feel negative, resentful, or irritable. What can I do to help this? These 6 tips are what I came up with.  I hope they help!


~ Be Sure to get your homework finished at least one day before it's due date. 
This will allow you feeling a bit calmer about the day ahead instead of feeling anxious about due homework.

~ Be sure to wake on time as not to feel rushed. This also means that you must go to bed a reasonable time (yes, this is especially for you Netflix binge-watchers). Pack your bag and lay out your clothes the night before to have a smoother morning.

~ Smile! :-) Even if you don't feel like it, smile. 
Smile at your parents, classmates, teachers , the weird guy that jams out to classical music every morning at 7 in his silver Subaru as he makes his way through traffic. Don't forget to smile at yourself! When you receive warm smiles back, you will feel better.

~ Listen to your favorite music.  Listen while getting dressed, eating breakfast, in the car. I recommend listening to a few of your favorite songs every morning. Go crazy. Dance around. This will really brighten your mood! Looking for new music? Check out my monthly Music Mix!

~ Try to get the best quality sleep you can. Turn off your phone or laptop at least an hour before you go to bed. The light from the screens can disturb your sleep schedule and make you feel as if you are not tired. Wind down with a book instead. Play soft un-distracting music to fall asleep to. Try nature sounds, I use this website, Softly played sad music is also great. Be sure to make a playlist so you are not startled awake by another song... I learned that the hard way. Never again.

~ Stretch or do some light exercises before you leave. A few lunges, maybe a scant bit of yoga positions. The works. It relieves a tension from your body.


I hope you find these tips useful! If you have any others feel free to comment below. Try to stay calm this upcoming week! I will chat with you all later. Bye!

Q: What do you do every morning to stay positive?

Xx Love Always xX

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