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Thursday, 14 May 2015

How to Survive the Last Few Weeks of School

School is coming to an end for the summer (thank heavens). Only two weeks of online school for me remain. However, the ending of school simply means piles and piles of assignments. Let us not forget the huge exams that taunt you like older siblings teasing you about that one Christmas party at Grandmum's house where your pants fell off while you jumping around pretending to be a bunny.  Personally, I find the very last 4 weeks to be the hardest and most prolonged of the whole school year.

I always felt like that was so ridiculous. Seriously, why didn't the teachers give me a steady flow of assignments all throughout the year? Is it that the school wants the students to suffer as much as they possibly can before releasing them until the up-coming semester? Is that even legal? Probably. But that does not mean that I can't sit to my computer grumbling about research papers, exams (which I should be studying for), and all other responsibilities we may have as students in the final weeks of school.

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You may also be wondering why I am posting this so late in the school year. The answer is... Well, I don't really have one for you. I have found, however I have a great gift. It is called 'my remarkable ability to sleep when I have such a vast amount of work to tend to. Charming isn't it?

Anyway. I have compiled a list of school survival tips that I have used throughout March, April, and May. Being an athlete, these are all relatively sport-friendly. Well, at least I would like to think so.. Also! During these weeks you may have to pull an all- nighter. I have also formulated the perfect plan for succesfull all nighters, however due to my impending issue I spoke about before, the post can either be posted in one or two days or next semester. Who knows?

I will stop rambling now, Let's begin, shall we??

1. Sunglasses... Cool ones. Nothing says 'get out of my way peasants' like a pair of neon green, plastic, dollar store, sunglasses.

I am kidding. don't do this, please. I beg of you.

1. Sleep...
If you can, yes, I know, an episode or two (or five) of Naruto or Criminal Minds or the last two chapters in John Green's The Fault in our Stars is tempting but sleep is really important for your mind to function properly and give you the strength to ace those exams.

2. Eat Well. Stay Hydrated.
I know it can be hard  to step away from that essay when it seems like magical words gifted by unicorns are running out of your fingers. However, let's be honest, the last time you ate was, what? 14 hours ago? You are probably hungry and those words are probably jumbled in such a confusing way. Eat people. I typically never eat very heavy food during this time and live off of granola bars, smoothies, and fries.

3. Drink All the Tea (or Coffee)
This ties into numero trois. See! I know french. I normally would never recommend this, because, you know, caffeine. But it's the final weeks. I fully support drinking as much tea or coffee your little heart desires. Just remember to drink equal parts water to ensure you don't crash during your studying!

4. Keep Going
Try not to disrupt your normal routine too much. If you kick a football in the grass every evening at six with your chocolate Labrador, don't stop. Continue to do so. It is very helpful to get a breather before hitting the books again. If you have extra curricular activities, try not to miss them. The breaks in between work is really renewing.

5. Remember to Breathe
The final weeks are going to be stressful. It is altogether much to tempting to create your home under the covers of your bed and never come out again. However, it is actually kinda hard. I have tried. Instead of putting everything off, get to it. Curling in a ball in the corner of your room with your phone on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, or Myspace isn't going to get your assignments done. Just take every test, every research paper, and every gazillion-word essay, one step at a time.

Alright Lovelies! That is all I have for you today! I really just wanted to get post this because I know how hard it can be in the final weeks of school. Stay Safe. Stay Cool. Stay Weird. Try not to be too Awkward.

See ya next time!

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