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Saturday, 5 December 2015

3 Quick and Easy Christmas Gifts + 2 Holiday Outfits I Collab w/Mollyk2

Hey loves! How is it going?
This week, I have something very incredibly special for you all. As you probably noticed by the title, it is a collab! MollyK2 is an amazing aussie teen blogger who focuses on food, beauty and lifestyle. We both discovered that we love Christmas and thus, this collab was born. On her blog, she will be making food and drinks holiday themed and on my blog, I will be doing easy Christmas gifts for you procrastinators and a few outfits also. Check her post out, here!

Each of these gifts are super quick and easy and will not cost you much at all. No more than five materials are used in each gift. They are fantastic for stocking stuffers or a sibling you don't feel like spending a ton of money on.


The first one up is this wonderful Christmas card. This is seriously so great! It only took me about 15 minutes to make this not including the drying time. Because I did not have a plain card lying around, I made on in a couple of minutes buy folding some thick paper and adding some colouring. To make the tree, I simply wrote Merry Christmas into the Google Translate 'search' engine. The languages I used were Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, French, Filipino, Dutch, Hindi, Finnish, and Persian. Although I pasted nine, I ended up using only six. Here are the materials for the card.


  • 1 plain card
  • Strips of paper with Merry Christmas
  • glitter (I used gold)


Be sure to have your scissors and glue standing by.

Open a Word document or something similar. Go online to Google Translate.  Write Merry Christmas into the English box a few times. I repeated the words six times. Click the down bar on the 'Translate' side and choose any language you please. Once you have, copy and paste and repeat the process with a different language. Leave at least 2 spaces between each language for easy ripping. Change the size and font to give it more dimension. You will need about six (6) strips.

Rip each of the strips as clean or messy as you would like. Do not worry about shaping them as yet. Set the full strips on the card and place, as best as you can, in a Christmas Tree shape. Leave enough space for the star. Once, you decided which language will go, begin ripping the strips to give them shape. The top should be the shortest and the bottom should be the lengthiest.

Before gluing, place them in slanted positions. I overlapped mine slightly to soften the tree. Without the overlapping, it gives the appearance of pokey. When you are satisfied, glue the strips in place. Cut the stump of the tree to end with the bottom of the letter.

For the star, grab a star stencil, or draw one at the top of the strips. Place a dab of glue in the star and spread it thinly with a toothpick. Sprinkle the glitter over the top and spread by shaking the card. Blow off any excess glitter and leave your card to dry.



Next up is this beautiful Washer Necklace! For this necklace, you will only need three things. You can find the washers at you local home improvement store or you can raid a male's workshop. Which ever one you choose will work just fine. Chances are, you already have a ton of nail polish lying around so you probably won't have to buy any. And you can find necklace cord at you local dollar store or order a pack online at a very affordable cost. Beads, rings, and ornaments are non-essential. 

I made mine black and silver with shimmer. I also added two beads on either side to add more to the necklace since the colours, by themselves, are quite plain. Below the instructions, I also added some other variations that would look fantastic.


  • 1 Plain Washer
  • 1 Necklace Cord
  • Nail Polish (of choice)

Place protective covering over work surface.

Using the nail polish, paint both sides of the washer, drying in between. Use two coats. When completely dry, cover with Top Coat nail polish. Dry overnight or until the surface of the washer does not feel sticky.

Make a knot by pulling the loop of the cord through the hollow of the washer and over the remainder of the necklace cord. Place any beads or accessories on at this time.

Polka Dots


Last but not least, we have these adorable Merry "Kiss"mas and a "Chappy" New Year cards! I think it is such a lovely play on words and is sure to bring a smile to many. The materials are not at all costly and this can be whipped up in a matter of minutes!

Clearly my penmanship is not stellar, but if you have a small stencil or great writing, this will be 1000% cuter. You can also make up a card on a Word document and print it out, but I decided to make mine a bit more personal and hand-made.


  • Holiday- Themed Card ( 6 inches x 5 inches)
  • Coloured Paper (5 inches x 4 inches)
  • Chapstick
  • Glitter/Decoration (optional)


On the coloured paper, begin writing the catch phrase. Be sure to keep it all on a straight line. Paste the paper onto the holiday card and allow it to dry. Decorate as you wish.

Place two small dots of tacky glue on both ends of the chapstick and press it onto the paper in desired spot.

Make any adjustments such as trimming or adding more decorations.


As a bonus, I decided to add two holiday outfits perfect for casual lunches and dinners. I kept them casual because I enjoy a more laid- back style, especially for Christmas.

This is one of my favourites because of the colour (or lack thereof!). I love the sweater so much and it does have a bit of a festive feel without wearing a holiday-themed shirt. Use gold accents to really make this outfit come to life!

Shirt x Wetseal
Skirt x Charlotte Russe
Wedges x Amazon

I love this outfit so much. The shoes are my life at the moment and the jeans jacket over the wine coloured shirt adds a nice element to the style.

Shirt x Forever 21
Skirt x JCPenny
Jacket x Unknown
Booties x Forever 21


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this awesome collaboration. Be sure to head on over to Molly's blog to check out some wonderful holiday treats!

Don't worry, the music mingle will be up for sure next week. I have been super busy this week and simply did not have the time.

Talk to you later!
Xx Love Always xX

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